Win at Email Marketing: 7 Proven Attention Grabbers

Win at Email Marketing: 7 Proven Attention Grabbers

In the war for inbox attention, most emails aren’t casualties – they’re instantly deleted without a glance. How can your newsletter avoid this fate? By focusing less on email best practices, and more on creating content so compelling that subscribers can’t look away.

Win At Email Marketing: 7 Proven Attention Grabbers

Forget Fancy Design

Having good taste can actually hurt open rates. Because images, fonts, and colors are stripped out in previews, stylish emails look bland and generic, causing subscribers to tune them out. Prioritize easy-to-scan text and a value-driven headline subscribers can’t ignore. Visual flair should supplement, not drive, your content.

Speak Their Language

Understand your audience’s cares, dreams, and pain points. Use that intel to craft relatable content. Write conversationally, as if speaking one-on-one with a friend, not a faceless list. Share tips to solve their problems and stories of people just like them finding success. A newsletter with personalized value earns attention.

Surprise and Delight Curiosity sparks engagement. Pique reader interest by promising exclusive content like:

  • A sneak peek at an upcoming product
  • Early access to limited-time sales
  • VIP promotions just for subscribers

Mixing surprises into your cadence keeps readers anticipating – not deleting – your next edition.

Ask Questions

Make subscribers part of the conversation by posing questions:

  • What challenges do you face with [topic]?
  • Have you tried [product/service]? What did you think?
  • Would you like us to cover [idea]?

This engages readers, gives them a voice, and provides valuable feedback to inform future issues.

Appeal to Emotions

Triggers like humor, inspiration, controversy, and nostalgia elicit visceral reactions. If content evokes an emotion, subscribers invest more attention. Share an amusing meme, motivate with a customer success story, or debate a hot button issue your audience cares about.

Provide Utility

Spotlight actionable value in every edition – deals, how-tos, recipes, checklists, comparisons. Offer tools and tips readers can apply to make progress on goals. Queue up content so it’s timely and relevant, like spotlighting outdoor products in the spring. Useful newsletters become trusted advisors.

Become a Reader

The best way to create a newsletter your audience loves? Consume what they do. Sign up for industry newsletters, publications, and email lists related to your customers’ interests. Note what subject lines spark your curiosity and which articles you can’t stop reading. See what content is evergreen versus tied to the moment. Observe how the most engaging emails strike a balance between information and entertainment. Being an actual reader, not just a producer, provides priceless insights into what works in crowded inboxes. Use these lessons to inform your own subscriber communications.

To stand out, create content that reflects subscribers’ wants and needs, not your company’s. Talk with them, not at them. Surprise and delight with exclusives that arouse curiosity. Stimulate emotions and provide utility. Do this consistently, and your newsletter becomes the oasis in a desert of email noise.