If you run a local business, chances are you invest time and money driving traffic to your website. But what happens after someone visits and leaves without converting? Remarketing gives you the ability to re-engage those visitors with targeted ads, turning your website traffic into revenue.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also called retargeting, serves customized ads to people who have previously visited your website. For example, if a potential customer views a product page but doesn’t add it to their cart, you can target them with an ad for that same product as they browse other sites.

Smb Beginner's Guide To Remarketing Venice Fl Ppc Remarketing

The Benefits of Remarketing for Local Businesses

Here are some of the key advantages remarketing offers local business owners:

Targets interested prospects who engaged with your brand.
Higher conversion rates than new site visitors.
Brand reinforcement through repeated ad exposure.
Cost-effective, pay only for clicks or impressions.
Reach customers locally as they browse the web.
Place ads on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube.
Setting Up Your First Campaign

Follow these steps when launching your first remarketing campaign:

Add tracking code to your website to gather visitor data.
Define conversion events you want to guide your goals.
Build remarketing audiences in your ad platform based on visitor actions.
Craft relevant, compelling ads to re-engage each audience.
Start with a low daily budget and adjust as you scale.
Monitor performance to identify successful placements, creatives and segments.
This will get your first low-cost remarketing campaign up and running. As you expand your audiences and optimize, increase budget to boost reach.

Top Remarketing Platforms

Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads Manager are leading platforms used by local businesses to execute remarketing campaigns. All 3 make it easy to create targeted remarketing audiences, design ads, establish budgets, analyze data, and continuously optimize efforts.

How to Optimize Your Remarketing

Here are some best practices for maximizing remarketing performance:

Create different ad sets tailored to each audience’s level of engagement.
Craft timely, relevant messaging promoting current offers or sales.
A/B test various creatives like promotional ads or dynamic product ads.
Adjust bids and budget to balance conversion volume with reach.
Focus your ads geographically to prioritize local customers.
Coordinate remarketing with your email, social, and other ad efforts.

Remarketing lets local businesses cost-effectively re-engage website visitors through targeted ads as they browse elsewhere online. Follow this beginner’s guide to start remarketing and make the most of your website traffic. With the right audiences, platforms, creative, and optimization strategy, you can turn site visitors into conversions and grow your local business.

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