How To Launch An Effective Local Remarketing Campaign

How To Launch An Effective Local Remarketing Campaign in St. Petersburg

Getting new visitors to your website is only half the battle when it comes to digital marketing. Did you know that generally, 96% of first-time site visitors leave without converting into leads or customers? This is where remarketing comes in to keep your brand top of mind until they are ready to engage further.

This step-by step guide will teach St. Pete businesses how to create customized ads to reach previous visitors as they browse elsewhere online. Master local remarketing with these pro tips.

Effective Local Remarketing Campaigns St Petersburg Fl Seo Agency

Step 1: Install Tracking Pixel Code

The first technical step is putting Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager or other tracking code on your website to build visitor and behavioral data. This allows you to re-target traffic through specific actions they’ve taken.


  • Place pixels site-wide to gather data on all traffic
  • Integrate ecommerce data if running an online store
  • Test events like email sign-ups to identify hot leads


  • Forget to insert on important landing pages
  • Have developers block code tracking installation

Most remarketing platforms offer easy copy/paste snippets to cover the basics. Just be sure to place them properly within the <head> section of the site code before moving forward.

Step 2: Create Targeting Audiences

Once your remarketing pixels capture user actions on your site, group together audiences for specific ad messaging based on intent signals.


  • Target visitors who’ve hit key pages like contact, pricing
  • Create custom collections of engaged email subscribers
  • Separate buyers from early-stage shoppers


  • Lump together unrelated visitors into one audience
  • Have targeting so broad it waters down relevancy

Evaluate your Google Analytics behavior flow reports to identify pages or events indicating commercial intent or interest in St. Petersburg. Build granular local audiences from site interactions.

Step 3: Design Creative Local Ads

The visuals and copy in your display ads determine whether previous visitors notice and engage. Tailor messaging specifically to St. Pete and different audience segments.

Location Targeting


  • Reference St. Petersburg landmarks known to locals
  • Speak to neighborhood-specific issues


  • Copy/paste generic display ad templates
  • Make it seem like ads are aimed globally

Audience Tailoring


  • Give special offers for returning email subscribers
  • Showcase case-studies for visitors of key services pages


  • Give everyone the exact same creative assets
  • Neglect signals from past site behavior

Brainstorm 5-10 highly targeted ad variants to serve former visitors based on what they’ve shown interest in already.

Step 4: Establish Reporting Dashboards

Don’t launch and leave your remarketing campaigns. Set up clear reporting to optimize over time as you scale efforts up.


  • Track cost per lead metrics by audience
  • Monitor URL-specific engagement and conversions
  • Review monthly impression delivery


  • Just monitor vanity brand metrics like clicks
  • Expect perfect results immediately

Dig into audience pathing in platforms to eliminate waste on groups not converting or tweak creative that falls flat. Stay on top of budget pacing and clearly justify return on ad spend.

Step 5: Expand Campaigns Gradually

Start remarketing locally with core seed audiences, then gradually build into more advanced configurations like household income targeting, look-alike modeling, sequential messaging and more once you’ve optimized the basics.

Review competitors running remarketing in Ad Manager or Display Planner intelligence for inspiration on creative executions and audience targeting working in your industry. Identify strategic holes to fill with sequential messaging as St. Petersburg consumers move down the funnel.

Bringing It All Together

Executing a focused local remarketing strategy is crucial to give potential customers that extra convincing they often need after initial discovery. It squeezes more value from the visitors already expressing interest at top-funnel stages of the buyer’s journey before they convert elsewhere.

Just be sure to tailor messaging specifically to St. Petersburg, build robust targeting audiences segmented from on-site behavior signals, monitor performance diligently and scale budgets to proven areas delivering ROI.

Remarketing works when done right. Now that you know the blueprint, pull the trigger on your first St. Pete campaign to boost lead generation and sales from previous foot traffic.

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