For tree service companies in particular, social media provides a great platform to showcase past projects, promote service offerings, highlight company values and expertise, and build trust within the community.

Social Media Strategy Grow Your Tree Service Business Venice Seo Company


Facebook With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains one of the top channels for connecting with potential customers in local markets. Key components of using Facebook for tree service companies include:

  • Business Page – Create a Business Page to represent your brand with information about services, location, contact info, reviews, and more. Utilize all sections including About, Photos, Videos, Community, and Offers.
  • Targeted Content – Share photos/videos of crew in action, before/after project results, tree information, company news and promotions.
  • Paid Ads – Use precise targeting parameters like location radius and service-related keywords to get your page and posts in front of nearby Facebook users actively searching for tree care.
  • Reviews – Request satisfied customers leave 5-star Facebook reviews on your Business Page to build credibility and trust for potential customers.
  • Engagement – Respond promptly to all comments, questions, and messages sent through Facebook Messenger showing you are an active and attentive business.


Instagram is a top network for visually showcasing the services you provide as a tree care company. Build your brand and gain followers by posting:

  • Before/After Project Pictures – Show unique jobs tackled by your team from dangerous removals to beautiful pruning.
  • Service Highlights – Images and videos focused on specialty offerings like storm damage repair, stump grinding, cabling/bracing etc.
  • Company Culture – Give prospective customers a behind-the-scenes feel for your employees hard at work through photos and videos.
  • Employee Takeovers – Have different staff members take over your Instagram Story for a day to provide an authentic look at your team.
  • UGC & Reviews – Reshare great feedback and reviews from happy clients and tag/thank them in your Caption.


Leverage X (f/k/a Twitter) to distribute relevant industry news, highlight your involvement in the local community, advertise open job positions, and monitor customer sentiment.

  • Share Articles – Commentary on news relating to trees, weather events impacting trees, new tree care techniques etc. positions your company as a subject matter expert.
  • Community Events – Tweet about involvement in local events like tree plantings and efforts to support parks/public green spaces.
  • Job Postings – Use dedicated hashtags like #ArboristJobs to attract specialized candidates when your team is hiring.
  • Real-time Monitoring – Set up search alerts for your company name and relevant keywords to monitor and immediately respond to any tree service-related complaints or negative publicity occurring on X.


YouTube reaches over two billion monthly users and allows companies to post videos educating homeowners, promoting services, documenting projects, and more. Useful YouTube content ideas include:

  • Common Service Explanations – Videos focused on one service like safety/technical aspects of large tree removal from properties.
  • Homeowner DIY Tips – Instructional content teaching novice tree care like proper structural pruning techniques. Aim to be helpful, not salesy.
  • Project Documentaries – Show challenges of specialty jobs like tandem tree take downs near power lines with climbers, a crane truck etc.
  • Meet Our Team – Fun videos introducing key employees and what they specialize in from sales consulting to climbing expertise.


Build connections with commercial clients as well as network with other tree care industry professionals through an optimized LinkedIn Company Page and employee profiles.

  • Company Updates – Blog-style posts detailing news like recently completed large-scale projects, new hires, awards/certification milestones, etc.
  • Content Sharing – Repurpose visual content from other social platforms and link back to Instagram/Facebook/YouTube for cross-promotion across networks.
  • Thought Leadership – Share articles providing expertise on industry topics like safety standards, emerging tree pests/diseases impacting your service area, storm preparedness for property owners etc. This positions your company as a trusted source.


Pinterest provides an ideal visual platform to inspire potential customers with creative ideas for their home and yard. Helpful boards for a tree service business include:

  • Tree Landscaping Ideas – Show various species planted as focal points and shading elements paired with patios, gardens etc.
  • Seasonal Interest – Themed boards focused on fall foliage from maple or oak trees, spring flowering trees like redbuds or crabapples etc. This shows off the beauty trees add to properties.
  • Customer Tree Projects – Before and after photos of pruning/removals you performed to open up views, reduce risk from overgrown branches etc. for homeowners.


With over 27 million active monthly users in the US alone, NextDoor provides hyperlocal access to homeowners in your immediate service area. Leverage NextDoor by:

  • Service Recommendations – Thank customers by name who post positively about your company after using your services. This serves as a word-of-mouth endorsement.
  • Local Postings – Share company news, job openings, and relevant community events to nearby NextDoor users.
  • Review Responses – Politely address the circumstances surrounding any negative reviews posted about your business. Provide context and your efforts to remedy issues.

Implementing an effective social strategy takes time and consistency, but each network provides invaluable exposure and relationship building with potential customers. View social platforms as an investment into the growth and success of your tree service company for years to come. Focus on delivering value first through helpful education and showcasing expertise. The result will be greater brand trust and recall when nearby homeowners ultimately need professional tree care and removal.

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